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    The hardest part about geocaching isn’t necessarily finding the geocache, it’s finding a website with a large enough database of geocaches that will have what you want. To help you find the right one, we’ve compiled a list of the best and most popular geocaching websites. Now you can spend more time geocaching and less time website hunting.


    Geocaching.com is the premier website for geocachers. You can easily search for geocaches in your area, but you must create an account with the website in order to view geocache information. Fortunately, the basic membership is free. Geocaching.com catalogs geocaches from all around the world, so it’s a great resource if you want to go geocaching on your vacation.


    Navicache.com isn’t as flashy as Geocaching.com, but it still has thousands of geocaches logged for any region of the United States. Navicache.com does have international geocaches, but the majority of them are located in Germany. You don’t need a membership to view geocache information on Navicache.com, but you will need to create an account if you want to add a new geocache to the site.


    Terracaching.com has active caches from all over the world, in 48 countries all told. The site has wonderful resources for geocachers, but Terracaching.com does have one flaw. In order to view information on Terracaching.com you must be a member, and in order to become a member you must be “sponsored,” or recommended, by two other geocachers already in the Terracaching.com community. It’s a pain, but once you do it Terracaching.com will be a good resource for all your geocaching needs.


    GPSGames.org is a great way to make geocaching more entertaining. It contains listings of geocaches that can be incorporated into different types of games. Some of the options include GeoDashing, Minute War, GeoPoker and GeoGolf. If simple geocaching isn’t enough for you, GPSGames.org will probably have something to challenge you.


    Earthcache.org doesn’t have as many geocaches on file as some of the other websites listed here, but there is still a significant number to choose from in many different countries.

    No matter which one of these sites you go to, you’re sure to find a geocache near you. So stop hunting for the right map and start seeking the best path to your next geocache adventure. And stop by our review of Recreational GPS Receivers to see which ones ranked the highest.

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